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We offer a number of services that we can provide, ranging from a full development program to program consulting.

Full Development Program

We can help you design and develop your watch line from nothing more than your concepts and ideas.  We will guide you through the entire product development process and make useful suggestions where appropriate...all the while taking your needs into consideration.  We can provide:


  • full colour renderings that include all specs

  • prototype samples in 8 week

  • mass production (approx. 4.5 months)

  • QC inspection before shipment to ensure quality

  • shipment with the freight forwarder of your choice


We can work on a consulting-based arrangement if you have your own suppliers, but need someone trustworthy on the ground to help you monitor and work with the factories to develop your watches.


This may also include doing the QC Inspections on a customer's behalf based on industry-standard specifications, or tailored to a customer's special requirements.

Quality Assurance Testing

We can help you test your watches with an independent third party testing organization.

This facility uses many of the same testing methods and standards from the Swiss Watch Industry and is a highly respected organization within the industry.


There are a multitude of tests for each component, ranging from water resistance, drop testing, durability of components to wear, abrasion, flexing, rotating, pushing, etc. to whether or not a leather will leach colour when wet. There are tests for sweat corrosion resistance, UV resistance, RoHS compatibility, and many more.

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